Studio Sunday: Walead Beshty

A photograph of Walead Beshty standing in front of three large works in his studio


It’s Studio Sunday! Today we’re taking a look inside the studio of Walead Beshty, photographer, sculptor, and associate professor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.


Best known for photography and photograms, though his work spans a much larger oeuvre. In one of his popular works, the artist ships a series of glass vitrines of various dimensions in cardboard boxes via FedEx, later displaying cracked and broken vitrines, damaged in the shipping process, on top of the boxes they were packed in. In another work he sent rolls of film through an airport x-ray machine to create bizarre abstract images out of the resulting ruined film.


Beshty’s studio space in Los Angeles is located in a 6,000 square foot former warehouse. The space is divided into a few different workshops and offices, in which studio assistants and technicians help Beshty put together work for upcoming exhibitions. In the above photo, the studio seems spacious and great for displaying both finished works and works in progress. A long table covered in what appear to be potential collage materials is central to the pictured room. Beshty views his studio as a working machine, and another aspect of his conceptual body of work which looks at systems and the relationships of parts to a whole. In fact, in a recent photographic installation work titled A Partial Disassembling of an Invention Without
 a Future: Helter-Skelter and Random Notes in Which the Pulleys and Cogwheels Are Lying Around at Random All Over the Workbench he created an astonishing 12,000 cyanotype prints of photographs of all the objects in his studio. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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