Local Fine Artwork at Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery

An interior view of Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery in SaskatchewanAn interior view of the gallery

Today’s feature is a whole gallery full of artists! Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, showcases local fine artwork and also offers a selection of art supplies and classes for beginners.


An abstract alcohol ink painting with bright green tonesEmerging, Alcohol ink on Yupo paper, Jocelyn Ducheck

The artists represented by the gallery are all local to the town of Esterhazy and produce a wide variety of interesting artworks, from oil painted landscapes, to beadwork, to wood and ceramic sculpture.

A French-beaded sculpture of a cherry tree in bloomCherry Blossom Tree, French beading, Ganna Stalnenko

The interior of Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery has a very inviting look. Comfy-looking seating in the main gallery space allows viewers to sit down and contemplate the current art show. The back of the gallery has a playful red and white checkered floor with a work table for classes and a small art-supply shop. Like other fine art galleries that Artist Run Website supports, this looks like a great place to learn new artistic techniques or brush up on old skills! Jocelyn’s gallery accepts submissions from artists in the local Saskatchewan area, for two-month exhibitions. 


The website front page for Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallerywww.jocelynsfineartgallery.com

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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