Grace and Clean Lines: Photography by Doug Berry

A photo of a model standing in front of a shadowed backgroundRachel Kivlighan

Today we’re featuring the work of photographer Doug Berry. Based in Houston, Texas, Doug specializes in model photography as well as images of ballet dancers in action. I like the bright, sunny tone that Doug brings to the majority of his photographs. Often shooting in full sunlight, the artist captures the way the natural light reflects off of his subjects’ eyes, hair and faces. 


A screen capture of the front page of Doug Berry's

A photo of a woman in a very long pink dress near the waterFairytale Pink

Like fellow photographer Luis Pons, Doug sees the beauty of dancers in motion and places the subjects in interesting environments that accentuate their grace and clean lines. Silhouetted in an archway, or windswept on a seawall, the ballet dancers look quite magical in the photos.


This sense of movement also carries through to Doug’s commissioned artworks, particularly in those where a dancer is pictured wearing a huge billowing dress. If you’d like to commission your own photo, contact Doug through his website at


A photo of a dancer lying on a plinth in front of a castleSacrifice of Dance

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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