Sketchy, Painterly Scenes: Artwork by Madeline Shea

An oil painting of several figures lounging on the beachBeach Bummer, oil on canvas

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of painter Madeline Shea. Madeline creates sketchy, painterly scenes of the everyday, as well as gorgeous nude studies in watercolour.

A painting of a woman next to a dogMag and Pen, oil on canvas

Madeline’s paintings almost always feature human subjects. While these subjects are occasionally posing for the painter, many of them seem to be going about their day unaware of any observation. I really enjoy the texture that Madeline achieves in her oil paintings – the paint is thickly layered, bright and rich, and the paintings are skillful but with just enough imperfection to lend them a certain charm.


A watercolour and charcoal painting of a politicianPolitician, watercolour and charcoal on paper

Artist Run Website hosts a number of masterful watercolour artists. Madeline can be counted among them - she uses a combination of thinly applied watercolour pigments and charcoal to create gestural sketches of her subjects. I like how her choice of earthy tones of pigment work in unison with the fleshy shades of paper that she favours. 


A screen capture of the front page of Madeline Shea's art website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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