Crashing Waves: Paintings by Grace Clark

A simple painting of a birch tree on a blue background
Birch 1, acrylic on canvas

Grace Clark is a Calgary artist who has a colourful and varied body of work. As a painter, Grace experiments with many different styles, from abstract, to simplified figurative subjects.


A simple painting of an orange coffee cup5 Cups 022, acrylic on canvas

Grace’s works explore the tactility of her media, and the different ways in which acrylic paint behaves depending on the substrate and the way it is applied. Some of the artist’s favourite subjects in her portfolio are crashing waves, colourful abstracts and collections of coffee cups. She tends to borrow from pop-art stylings - I wonder if her studio is as messy as other pop artists!


A screen capture of Grace Clark's painting websiteGrace's painting gallery on her website

I find Grace’s ocean paintings rather pleasing – she paints these with a similar technique as her abstracts, where the paint seems like it may have been applied with a knife and scraped across the canvas. This creates a ragged edge that, combined with the deep blues and angular forms, looks just like the foam of a crashing wave. These and more of Grace’s works are available on


An abstract painting with blocks of green and blue paintAbstract 2, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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