Deep, Moody Artworks by Marie Suprenant

An abstract painting using thin brush marks of oil on paperReel.24, oil on paper

Marie Suprenant is our featured artist today! Marie’s deep, moody artworks often use dark blots of ink or washes of oil paint to call familiar images to mind, or let the viewer contemplate the unknown.


An abstract image composed of grey charcoal and inkGRIS (Hiver 2015) no. 14, ink and pastel on Canal paper

Many of Marie’s works have the feeling of ink blots, with titles that stir a recognition of an indescribable form. I quite enjoy Marie’s black and white works, such as her Gris series from winter of 2015. Where other artist's create pastel landscapes, Marie here uses washes of black ink are combined with grey, white and black pastel in strange compositions that remind me of barren trees in a snowy landscape.


A yellow and black ink painting with scattered footprints12, ink on paper


In her 2014 series Le Réel Tombe de Ciel, Marie uses oil on paper in thin, quick marks layered over each other many times. The effect is blurred and soft, like pollen and yet the colours lend a different mood to each individual piece.  


A screen capture of the front page of Marie Suprenant's art webpageThe front page of Marie's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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