Celebratory and Colourful Illustration by Brian Farnham

The cover of Dirty, Sexy, Funny, Astrology written by Jenny McCarthy and Sabra RicciDirty, Sexy, Funny, Astrology book cover

Today’s featured artist is Brian Farnham. Brian is a painter, sculptor and illustrator. His celebratory and colourful illustration has appeared on a number of books and CD covers. Most recently, Brian illustrated the book Dirty, Sexy, Funny Astrology, written by Sabra Ricci and Jenny McCarthy.


For this project, Brian produced all of the interior and cover illustrations for the book, while consulting with SamRay Design and design partner Elizabeth Souza on the layout and direction. The book is a humorous take on dating and astrology. Some of Brian’s illustrations for the book are available on his website, www.panjemick.com. The images are simple, sexy and charming, and fit the tone of the book really well.


An album cover featuring a woman riding a flying guitar while fighting a giant monsterNAD MIKA VS NEINSAGER (cover creative)

Many of our illustrators experiment with a wide variety of media and styles and Brian is no exception. I also enjoy his work around mystical concepts such as mandalas and Djinn. He treats the subject matter well, with lots of colour and bizarre, almost-abstracted detail. If you’re an author or a musician in need of illustrative services, contact Brian through his website!


A screen capture of Brian Farnham's illustration websiteBrian's website, www.panjemick.com

An illustration of a mythical Djinn figureShiqq

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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