Flowing Colours: Paintings by Bruno Hernani

An abstract painting expressing the F note on a piano keyboardF Note

Today we’re taking a look at the artwork of Bruno Hernani. Bruno is a painter who specializes in bright, highly saturated paintings, with flowing colours and frequent references to spiritual experiences gleaned from astrology, tarot and music.


A photo of a mountainous landscape in TibetHimalayas, Tibet, photograph

Bruno’s Impermanence series explores the concept of transience in life, presenting a series of paintings of animals that seem in the process of fragmenting and blending with their environments. In all of these the sense of movement and highly saturated colour remains a constant. I enjoy Bruno’s series of Music paintings. These really seem to embody the sense of movement and energy found in music, with bright colours and shapes blending into one another and motifs of clefs and keyboards.

A screen capture of Bruno Hernani's online gallery of music paintingsBruno's gallery of music paintings

An abstracted painting of a bird with deep blue paint coloursBird

The artist has also delved into photography, capturing scenes of many cultures around the world, as well as interesting meditations on geometric shapes that appear in everyday life.  

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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