Studio Sunday: Angela Bulloch

A photograph of the interior of Angela Bullock's studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Angela Bulloch. Her work is interested in processes, rules and mathematics and frequently explores these ideas through the means of constructed electronic and mechanical systems. In her early works, Bulloch created “Drawing Machines,” which reacted to stimuli such as noise or movement in a gallery space to draw varying lines on the gallery wall. While the machines are in themselves works of art, they also create works of art that continue to grow and evolve and are never quite the same.


Bulloch's works explore concepts of minimalism, interactivity, and the presence of the artist’s hand. The works are often challenging and highly conceptual, but retain a sense of play. Bulloch is often classified as a member of the group of Young British Artists, whose ranks include Damien Hirst and Cornelia Parker


The artist’s studio here is decorated with a number of her “pixel box” works, which she is well known for. Are the works in progress, or has she kept them in her studio as inspiration? Either way, I love how they change the whole tone of the studio. The works slowly change colour so it’s likely that the green hue seen in the photograph is only temporary.


Bulloch’s desk looks like it is made for working in digital formats rather than in messier traditional art formats. There doesn’t seem to be any trace of paint or clay on the floor here. Instead, the desk is simply equipped with a laptop, a water-bottle, and a number of electronic components.  I think the combination of gentle, coloured lighting and large, bright windows would make this an excellent place to do calm and focused work. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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