Monolithic Sculptures by Patricia E. Rangel

An L-shaped sculpture consisting of compacted dirtRevival, compacted dirt

Patricia E. Rangel, our featured artist today, is a sculptor and installation artist who works with heavy materials such as dirt, wood and metal. Patricia is interested in the industry of agriculture and the materials and processes used therein.


A sculpture consisting of two wood blocks with a single link of wire fencing between themA Gap in the Fence, fence posts, sterling silver barbed wire, mixed and compacted dirt from various locations


Patricia’s striking, monolithic sculptures have an undeniable presence about them. Despite being for the most part abstract, they seem in a way monumental, particularly when placed in a gallery space – quite removed from the normal existence of dirt, wood trellises and metal pieces. Patricia frequently uses hard lines and straight, angular shapes. Sometimes in multiples and sometimes standing on their own. In her series Extracting and Layering, she combines concrete, plexiglass, graphite, brass and other materials to create structures that are both reminiscent of aerial maps and circuit boards. Susceptible to decay in their own way, Patricia’s sculptures serve as an ongoing exploration of growth, change and loss. 


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A sculpture consisting of two flat geometric shapes made from natural and synthetic materialsThread, cement, plexi, brass, dirt, graphite, silk thread

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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