Saturated Ink Designs by Brian Joubert

A tattoo of a butterfly with one wing on each thumbButterfly, tattoo

Today we’re featuring tattoo artist Brian Joubert! Brian works at Gas Pedals Tattoos in Kelowna, BC, where he creates colorful, saturated ink designs for his clients.


The subject matter of Brian’s tattoo s varies from client to client, but florals and animals seem to be among his favorites. The tattoos often feature vibrant blues and greens and seem stylistically influenced by traditional Japanese tattoo designs. This is particularly evident where water or dragons appear. Finely sketched lines in Brian’s works express a special attention to detail. He creates shading with lines a lot of the time, which lends an interesting textural effect that is definitely present in his line drawings. Brian’s gallery of art on paper is a nice companion to his tattoo gallery, and showcases the artist’s process.


A forearm tattoo featuring a Japanese dragon and a lotus flowerDragon and Lotus Tattoo

Check out Brian’s work at and some of our other tattoo artists on the website. 


A black and white drawing of a stylized tallshipTall Ship Drawing

A screen capture of Brian Joubert's online tattoo galleryBrian's website tattoo gallery

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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