Depth on a Flat Plane: Painting by Trevor Pye

A tabletop painting with references to historical art(Tabletop) Art Is A Lie, acrylic and mixed media on gessoed paper

Today for our artist feature, let’s take a look at the paintings of Trevor Pye! Based in New Zealand, the artist experiments with a many different styles. In his most recent works, stylized human figures seem to overlap with bright shapes and background textures in a delightfully awkward dance. I love the way Trevor plays with the relationship between background and foreground in these works, creating a sense of great depth on a flat plane.


A mixed media landscape with a mysterious abstract figureLandscape With What's That (?), graphite and acrylic on gessoed paper

A gallery of recent paintings on Trevor Pye's art website(Somewhere) Between Heaven and Earth series gallery

Sometimes Trevor works in abstraction. His abstract forms are often voluminous, and seem to express something that’s just outside of being perceived as an object. His most recent series (Somewhere) Between Heaven and Earth appears at first to be a series of landscape paintings, but upon closer inspection is frequently too abstract to classify as such. It leaves the viewer wondering just where (Somewhere) is. 


An abstract landscape painting with deep orange and red tonesThe World as Sanctuary, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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