Artist-Run Organization: Blackberry Artist's Society

A watercolour painting of numerous flowersA Bright Bouquet, watercolour on paper, Elizabeth Wallace

The subject of today’s feature is the Blackberry Artist’s Society, based in Port Moody, British Columbia. Blackberry is a fully artist-run organization dedicated to supporting the work of its members through gallery shows and sales at the Blackberry Gift Shop in Port Moody.


A front page screen capture of Blackberry Artist's Society's websiteThe front page of the Society's website

Silk scarves, wood carving, ceramics and jewelry are just some of the mediums that are on display from over 20 individual artists. The artists in the collective favour hand craftsmanship and natural materials, creating simple but beautiful pieces of sculpture and functional art. The Blackberry Artist’s Society offers a biography of each of their artists on its website.


A necklace made of a length of black rope with beaded embellishmentsBlack Rope Necklace, handmade, Lucy Gimenes

The society welcomes new members through a juried application process. If you live in the Port Moody area and think your artwork is in fitting with Blackberry’s current collection, download an application package and follow the instructions on


A driftwood sculpture of a sitting birdBird I, found driftwood, Pat de Couto

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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