Light and Dark: Painting by Lori Sokoluk

An abstract painting with several long forms that might be birch treesThe Last Birches, acrylic on canvas panel

Today’s featured artist is Lori Sokoluk.  Lori’s works primarily revolve around explorations of experience and impressions. I notice sea creatures, birds and florals as common themes in her portfolio, and I love the bright colours and varied techniques that she uses to portray them!


A deep red painting of shapes that could be flowersAeons 2, acrylic, mixed media and metallic leaf on canvas

An abstract painting with lines of rainbow colours running down the canvasAll The Spirits, acrylic on canvas

Lori’s work explores conceptual avenues of light and dark, human experience and dreams. Seeing through the lens of nature and personal experience, Lori attaches deeper existential concepts to familiar images – though the images may be distorted and at times barely recognizable. Her choice of palette ranges from deep, earthy reds and browns to vibrant and almost cartoonish blues.


The artist’s paintings sometimes toe the line between realism and abstraction while at other turns she portrays flowers and figures in a stylized fashion. In some cases, these two styles intertwine and a painting that is partially abstract draws attention to dream-like circumstance of the figure therein. 

A screen capture of the front page of Lori Sokoluk's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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