Hazy Vintage Photography by Gilly Russell

A photo of a dog carrying a stick on a beachUntitled

Our featured artist today is photographer Gilly Russell. Working in 35 mm, Gilly produces hazy vintage photography with a personal feel.


Gilly’s photographs have an almost Polaroid-esque aesthetic to them. Through a studied, professional lens I find that she captures the essence of old family photos found in attics, or fragments of memory. I’m really enjoying sifting through Gilly’s portfolio website and wondering at the story behind each of the photographs, and the contextual circumstances.


A photo of a woman walking in New York CityUntitled

The photos are often slightly de-saturated, with washed out colours and rays of sunshine beautifully captured. Whether that scene is a snowy, mountainous landscape, or a busy street during a New York summer, I get the feeling that the artist has a real affection for her subject matter. Gilly’s portfolio at www.gillyrussel.com Hazyalso offers examples of her forays into film, graphic design and fashion photography. 


A screen capture of Gllly Russel's photography websiteThe front page of Gilly's website


A photo of the view from a sparsely forested mountaintopUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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