Striking Texture: Art by Liba Labik

A highly saturated blue painting of leaves floating in water

Reflection of Changes VII, mixed media on canvas


Today’s featured artist, Liba Labik, is a painter and mixed media artist who uses her work to explore the in-between. Working frequently in encaustic and other media, she creates artworks with striking texture and highly saturated colour.


An abstract encaustic work with the appearance of a nautilusDimensions II, encaustic on panel

A screen capture of a recent painting series on Liba Labik's websiteLiba's Reflections of Chang(es) series on her website

Liba’s most recent series of work, Reflections of Change(s), is a selection of different paintings that can be appreciated separately, but also come together to form a large whole. The deep, greenish blue hues that cover most of the canvas are almost eerie. They depict a large body of water interrupted by smaller details such as stones or branches. I love the scale of this work, and how it can be viewed either as fragments or as a single whole.


A previous series, Dift(ing) in Time, focuses more on whites and negative space, with shapes rendered in encaustic that look like embryonic sea creatures waiting to hatch or grow into something new. 


An abstract encaustic work with blue lines and white spaceWhen Time Was Blue II, encaustic and mixed media on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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