Abstraction and Architecture: Art by Cameron McLellan

A minimalist black and white ink drawing of a rock faceRock Face (3), West Vancouver, ink on Rives BFK paper

Vancouver artist Cameron McLellan uses simple points and lines to create complex illustrative images celebrating abstraction and architecture. The artist also delves into west coast forest scenes and landscapes.


A drawing of the side of a modern house surrounded by grass and treesCoast House, ink on paper

While so many points and lines on the page lends these images a certain energy, I find them rather calming and peaceful. Perhaps it’s Cameron’s careful use of negative space, where the lines seem to coexist with the paper, rather than sit on top of it. Cameron’s Form series celebrates modern architecture, with drawings of flat, rectangular houses peeking out from behind trees and mountainous terrain.  


An abstract drawing made up of many small lines forming an large shapeFacets (4), ink on Rives BFK paper

In his Line gallery, Cameron creates abstract works built from uniform lines. In a few works, A number of short, straight lines come together to create an expanding geometric form. In others, twisting, wavy lines form what could be river systems or muscle tissue. 


A screen capture of Cameron McLellan's website front pagewww.cameronmclellan.com

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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