Abstract Forms and Portraits: Art by Erin K. Milks

A series of paintings on glass panels leaning against the wallKeep in Touch, oil on tempered glass, latex paint, paper adhesive

Today’s featured artist is Erin K. Milks. Erin’s works primarily in oil and acrylic paint, and focuses almost equally on abstract forms and portraits. Erin’s recent thesis work, Keep in Touch, explores the division and isolation that comes with existing in a technologically advanced society.


A monochromatic blue painting on glassEverything's Swell, oil on tempered glass

The front page of Erin K. Milks' websiteThe front page of Erin's website

Each abstract painting on glass is positioned with the unpainted pane of glass turned outward toward the viewer. Inn this way the viewer is barred from seeing the tactility and human aspects of the brush marks. I like the stylistic choices that Erin has made with regards to paint on the glass – the green hues and thick brushstrokes are reminiscent of leaves, further emphasizing the contrast between touch and nature, and modern society. This tension is reminiscent of the work of other website artists who explore contrasts between art and digital existence.


Erin’s previous work is rife with abstracted brush strokes that mimic smoke and water in turns. Her portraiture is also quite detailed and has a certain element of mystery.


A portrait of a woman at the wheel of an old carJanet, acrylic on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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