Performative Spaces: Art by Stéphane Gilot

A photo of the interior of a room installationPièce pour cinq interprètes, lumière rose et silence, installation

Stéphane Gilot is a prolific artist working in a number of different mediums including installation, construction, and film. Stéphane was born in Belgium and has been living and working in Montreal, Quebec, for the last 20 years.


A performance still of a person laying flat on a long red sheet of wood

Le Buvard de Monde (performance still), installation and performannce


Stéphane’s works are highly conceptual and frequently feature both a physically constructed element and a performative element. A recent work entitled Acts Without Words involved a room-like space, painted an odd, dark pink. The viewer was invited into the space to see firsthand several performer’s reactions to the space and to each other.


 Sejour Bistre


I’m really interested in the way that Stéphane creates these performative spaces with both physical architecture and human movement and reaction in mind. The spaces themselves are beautiful and fully immersive. They have the appearance of something out of a classic sci-fi movie production, usually monochromatic with smooth, geometric edges.


A screen capture of the front page of Stephane Gilot's

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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