Gestural Line Art: Illustration by Joey Feldman

A mixed media drawing of a strange, alien figuredreams, mixed media on paper

Joey Feldman is an illustrator and cartoonist from Los Angeles, California. He is also our featured artist today! Joey works in a quick, almost frantic style, putting an emphasis on gestural line art and colours that are scattered across the page with carefree abandon.


An abstracted ink illustration of a Frankenstein-like monsterFrankie, mixed media on paper

An abstracted portrait composed of blue and yellow tonesPliny the Elder, mixed media on archival wood panel

Joey’s illustrations are bursting with personality. His works include caricatures of pop-cultural and historical figures, portraits of zany robots and monsters, and political editorial cartoons. All of them have a certain sketchy, quickly shot-off appeal. Looking at these images it seems like Joey’s hand never stops moving as he draws each image, and I love the energy that it lends.


Like some of our other Artist Run Website illustrators, Joey has a very distinctive style that appears in all of his work, and manages to adapt to a variety of subject matters. The splashy colors and sketchy lines can appear at turns playful and visceral. 


The mixed media on paper gallery on Joey Feldman's websiteMixed media on paper works on Joey's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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