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At some point in your career as an artist you ask this question: should I sell my own work or partner with a gallery and work as a team? It's not a simple question to answer but it is important to make the decision so you can move forward in your career with deliberate action and forethought. If you have any interest in sales and business then you should at least consider the possibility of representing yourself. I read about an artist who did just that in this article from Here is an excerpt from the article:


In order to be successful, as a self-representing artist, you need to spend as much time “on the business” as you do at creating. This might be hard for a lot of artists but that’s what will make you successful. You can have the best art in the world but if you don’t have a strategy to sell it, then it will remain in your basement. Again, you need to have the entrepreneur attitude. If you don’t, you have to seriously think about getting an art agent or focus at getting into galleries that will sell for you. I’m constantly thinking about where I can take my business and how will I get there.


Image source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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