Space and Time: Art by Mariko Mori

A white, twisting sculpture of a shape reminiscent of a Mobius stripEkpyrotic String II, fiberglass


Mariko Mori is a Japanese artist who is interested in the cosmos. A number of her works have centered around translating scientific research on physics and space into art.


Recent works take the form of fiberglass sculptures that express physical concepts, twisting and bending like the material of space and time. Some are twisted vertically, evoking the shape of DNA helixes, while others circle the corners of a room as giant, shiny Mobius strips. Placed in a white gallery space, they often seem as if the walls of the gallery themselves are bending into these sci-fi forms.


A sculptural installation consisting of several helixes reaching from the ceiling to the floor of the galleryInfinite Renew

Some of Mori’s previous works have used a similar minimalist sensibility and incorporated LED lights. These glowing tributes to celestial bodies have appeared in darkened gallery spaces and outdoors among trees and grass. Mori is certainly not alone in the fascinating practice of combining scientific concepts with art.


An installation in the ceiling of a gallery consisting of an acrylic circle with LED lightsWhite Hole, acrylic and LED lights

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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