The Skinny on Art Openings: Gallery Extras

Making art gallery opening interesting for thirty years

So much work goes into getting ready for your art show. I'm talking about for the artist and the gallery. However there are some simple things that the gallery can do to push the event into awesome status. I read about a few of these ideas here on and although the comments are directed to galleries - you can encourage your gallery to work together with you on some of these:


Gallerists get bonus points if the artists are wearing name tags.

Extra points are also scored if artists are invited to say a few words about their art. I mean . . . c’mon! . . . the artists are right there in the room. Why not take advantage of their presence?

And while you’re at it, make arrangements to video the artist speaking and add footage to YouTube, your website, and other social media sites. Send a link to the video to any clients who couldn’t make the opening.


Image source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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