Curated Gardens: Photography by Ashley Gillanders

A photo of a landscaping project in front of a large mansionUntitled

Our featured artist today is Ashley Gillanders. Ashley’s works explore environmental design through the lens of photography, with her most recent pieces featuring meticulously curated gardens.


A photo of  an ironing board laden with clothesUntitled (Ironing Board)

I enjoy the quiet, serene tone that seems present in the majority of Ashley’s photographs. They are all simple and clean in composition and completely devoid of signs of life. This is especially interesting considering the human influence that pervades the subject matter in many of her works. Perfectly manicured hedges, furniture in interiors, and - in one image - a clothesline with a single piece of fabric hanging from it, seem like the ghostly remnants of former occupants. The aversion to human presence in photography. is reminiscent of the work of Erin Raye.


A screen capture of the front page of Ashley Gillanders'

Ashley’s current project, Curated Landscapes, is an interesting collection of photographs depicting driveways and gardens of large, imposing houses. 

A photo of a clothes line in a suburban backyardUntitled (Clothes Line)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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