Textural and Energetic: Art by Randall Day

A print of Katherine Hepburn's face covered in zigzagging linesI Love Decay

Today’s featured artist is Randall Day. Randall uses a variety of media in his art and often incorporates a number of different styles into a single work, from geometric abstract to referential printmaking to naïve-style accents of drawing. The resulting images are highly textural and energetic.


A red and orange painting composed of many sharp linesStella, house paint, acrylic and cherry coke on canvas

Randall’s abstracts frequently feature hard, straight lines in conjunction with patches of color. Other times he uses screen printing processes to layer these lines over images. For example, several works in his gallery feature the face of Audrey Hepburn covered over in a zigzagging maze of black lines. 




I’m also intrigued by Randall’s experiments in film art. The videos often make use of static and jarring sounds along with either directly blurred or vaguely incongruous imagery. Not always easy or pleasant to watch, they certainly provoke thought and discussion, as I try to decipher the meaning. 


A gallery of current artwork on Randall Day's websiteRandall's gallery of works from 2010-2013

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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