A Lens on Pattern and Colour: Photography by Robert W. Easton

A photograph of a doorway in Havana, Cubasmalldoorwaywindows

Photographer Robert W. Easton places a lens on pattern and colour. He really seems to specialize in finding the brightest, most visually interested moments even in the most regular of spaces.


The images in his gallery are mostly organized into groups depending on where they were taken. His locations range from Rhode Island and Illinois to Cuba, Beirut and India. I love the way Robert finds colour and interest wherever he goes. His photography maintains a tone of fascination with the world – reminiscent of urban explorers such as Matt Emmett.


A photo of a number of spools of thread on a spool treeUntitled

Common themes in Robert’s artworks include architecture and smaller details therein. Sometimes this manifests as photographs of buildings catching the light in a certain way while other times it’s a close up of an interestingly rusted pipe or a broken window. Robert’s New England Demolition and Salvage series features lovely collections of candy-coloured sinks, radiators, shutters and other appliances. 


A photo of a number of brightly coloured radiatorsUntitled

A screen capture of Robert W. Easton's gallery of photos from BeirutRobert's Beirut photography gallery

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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