Goats, Sheep and Birds: Drawing by David Keane

A drawing of a fox on a cream-coloured backgroundFox 1

Today we’re featuring the drawings of David Keane. David’s drawings feature muted tones and images of animals including goats, sheep and birds.


David’s backgrounds are celebrations of mixed media, often incorporating many different materials such as metallic leaf, paint, collage elements and occasionally even text. In some cases it looks as though David may even be working with digital media. In his newer drawings he tends to bring in other natural elements in the form of small, spindly plants and flowers. His drawings are quite illustrative in nature, halfway between textbook drawings of animals in the wild, and illustrations in a children’s storybook.


An oil on board painting of several sheep in a brown fieldRadar Field, oil on board

A screen capture of the front page of David Keane's websiteThe front page of David's website

I like the muted tones that David achieves, particularly in his newer works. The creamy beige background combined with the somehow friendly tone of the animal drawings themselves make for a pleasantly serene viewing experience. 


A drawing of a magpie on a black and pink backgroundMagpie 2

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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