Water in Different States: Art by Melissa A. Owoc

A close of photo of a water vortex[Reality Vs. Illusion] Maelstrom's Edge, photograph

Painter and photographer Melissa A. Owoc is our featured artist for today! Melissa’s abstract paintings and manipulated photos frequently feature water in different states and locations. Melissa’s travels around the world are clearly visible as an influence in her works.  


A screen capture of Melissa A. Owoc's websiteThe photo gallery on Melissa's website


A photo of a layered canyon of sand[Earth] Petra Rock Wave, photograph

I love the way Melissa captures movement in her paintings, in both water and other natural elements. I also rather enjoy how Melissa has categorized her photographs into a variety of elements, such as water, wood and earth. Her fascination with texture remains clear throughout her body of work, such as the movement of waves echoed in sand or stone.


Melissa’s photographs are usually left as is, though sometimes the artist adds manipulation to create a high contrast, almost painted look. The artist’s paintings are primarily abstract, though they also have elemental subject matter. The artist uses well blended flashes of colour to create both fire and water. 


An abstract painting with brushstrokes mimicking fireFire Propelled, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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