Organic Forms: Art and Installation by Tamara Rusnak

A large wall hanging made from paper mache and a variety of natural pigmentsit's what's on the inside that matters, ink shellac, earth pigment, charcoal, graphite, wax, papier mache made from recycled paper and books 

Our featured artist today is Tamara Rusnak. Tamara creates large scale wall-hangings, drawings and paintings. She has also collaborated with different artists to create installations of bulbous, organic forms.


A drawing of many tangles fine lines and coloured bulbous shapesWhen dreams meet reality, ink, natural pigments, gum arabic on paper

Tamara’s works use earthy, neutral tones of brown, grey and yellow just as naturally as they do bright reds and blues. In her series of drawings, An Ecology of Feeling, the artist produces images where many different forms come together to create satisfyingly rounded shapes, or what could be references to root systems and tuberous vegetables. In her online gallery she includes field notes and sketches that were presumably part of the first steps to making the series. I always love seeing artists’ process notes and preliminary drawings, for the insight the offer on the artist’s thought process.  


A screen capture of the front page of Tamara Rusnak's

A photo of an installation work made from branches, insulation and other materialsHolons (installation view), branches, beeswax, wool, natural dyes, string, wire, birch bark, paper, flour glue, insulation remnants, charcoal, plaster, lichen

The bulbous shapes and roots are echoed in Tamara’s installation works, where she uses all manner of material, natural and synthetic. Her installation Holons, with Monique Blom, used branches, string, natural fibres, lichen, insulation, plaster and more!

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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