Non-Narrative Images by Jan Swinburne

An abstract photo created from unfocused lights and colourUntitled, photograph

Jan Swinburne is our featured artist for today. Jan works in painting and abstract photography, creating non-narrative images that encourage meditation and contemplation.


I really love Jan’s work with abstract photography, in particular the artist’s light paintings. In these, Jan captures whirling, prismatic colours and lights in a format that is still yet seems to never stop moving. In some cases, the subject matter of the photograph can be vaguely gleaned, as blurred and shadowed as it might be. In others, the subject of the photograph is simply the twisting patterns of light and colour that Jan acquires either through the process of taking the photograph, or the development stages.


A screen capture of Jan Swinburne's art websiteThe Neuro-Complex photography gallery on Jan's website

A painting consisting of monochromatic orange layered over a textured baseFlare

Jan’s paintings tend to focus entirely on texture. In the artist’s Lux Ausculto series, each painting is a monochrome of neutral beige, grey or light yellow, allowing small anomalies in the surface of the canvas or the paint to come to the forefront. 

A blurred photograph "light painting"Untitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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