Improvisational Style: Textile Art by Maday Delgado

A quilt made from many small triangles of patterned fabricVibrations 2

Today’s artist feature looks at the textile art of Maday Delgado! Maday uses an improvisational style to create quilts and textile works celebrating her own heritage and life story.


Maday often uses repurposed fabrics such as old tee shirts in her quilts. Her online portfolio features several examples of custom quilts made from sports or school related tee shirt logos. I really like the effect – the quilt becomes a personalized work of art, much more than a simple blanket.


A quilt made with various sports-related t-shirtsFrom Mom To Son Gift 2014

A screen capture of the front page of Maday Delgado's websiteThe front page of Maday's website

In her personal textile work, Maday incorporates more non-traditional materials such as bits of metal and photographs. I find this a really compelling way to create an artistic history of oneself. Maday also teaches workshops on quilting and art journaling. She also recently founded the Free Spirit Sewing Machine Project. Visit Maday’s website,, for more information. 

A quilt made from long rectangular pieces of fabricUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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