Hawaiian Wood Carving by Derek Bencomo

A sculpture carved from Hawaiian Koa woodGift from the Rainforest, Hawaiian Koa wood

Derek Bencomo is a woodworker from Maui, and our featured artist for today! Derek’s Hawaiian wood carving creates beautiful, functional objects and works of art.


I love how the flowing shapes that Derek carves often follow the grain and colouration of the wood itself. The pieces are highly polished and smooth and would look equally at home in an office, living room or gallery space. The artist’s works range from wood bowls and cutting boards to and bracelets. His bracelets make a wonderfully unique accent to an outfit, each on hand-carved and one-of-a-kind.


A photo of a bracelet hand carved from Hawaiian Koa woodMilo Wood Tiki Bracelet, Milo wood

A screen capture of the front page of Derek Bencomo's websitewww.derekbencomomauiartist.com

Derek uses a number of different types of wood in his work, including Hawaiian cypress wood and Koa wood. The sculptures share warm, golden and red wood tones that really help to liven up a space while bringing a bit of nature indoors. Check out some of our other wood sculptors on the website as well! 


A photo of a hand-carved cutting boardMonkey Pod Cutting Board #1, monkey pod wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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