Human Constructions: Photography by Julie Lévesque-René

A photographic diptych of an old man in his homeSolitaire, numbered print

Our featured artist for today is Julie Lévesque-René. Julie is an artist and photographer from Montreal, focusing on human constructions, movements and the passage of time. She expresses these concepts primarily through photography and printmaking.


A photographic diptych of an overgrown empty lotTerre Boileau (diptych), numbered prints on semi-gloss paper

A screen capture of Julie Levesque-Rene's art websiteThe front page of Julie's website

Much of Julie’s photographic work is focused on how time effects buildings and cities, whether it’s through the decay of individual spaces, or growth of urban centres as people migrate across the landscape. I’m quite fond of Julie’s photographic presentation, particularly her use of diptychs, where two different but similar photos show the progression of change. The subject matter of her photography is often empty, over-grown lots, and construction sites. Those sites that are pictured as barren, snow-covered hills in the winter are especially inviting, as they express a certain icy appeal.


Julie also experiments with portraits – unlike the polished model photography of other artists, Julie focuses on capturing candid moments and personalities. 


A collection of paper plates with drawings and seriagraph prints on themPorcelain Actuelle, drawing, seriagraphs and acrylic varnish on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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