Surreal Pop-Art by David Faulk

A painting of a box chicken arguing with a fishUntitled

Today’s artist feature focuses on the artwork of David Faulk. David works in painting and costume design, creating exuberant and colourful works that express a sense of surreal pop-art playfulness.


A painting of an owl walking along a yellow path over a starry backgroundScenic

A screen capture of a painting gallery on David Faulk's websiteThe Box Chicken Land gallery on David's website

I find David’s costuming work particularly interesting. The garments that the artist produces are extremely flamboyant and would definitely turn heads if worn in public. Using bright colours and bizarre accents such as cut-out shapes, bits of foam and plastic and even household objects, David creates costume pieces that display a sharp character, both humorous and fantastical.


David’s Travel Land series combines photographs with painting. The images and Polaroid photos may be promotions for various tourist destinations, while the paintings are absurd and interact with the landscape in a cartoonish manner. The resulting cartoonish-ness bleeds over into the landscapes, creating strange realms that might be backgrounds for artistic animations. 


A costume made from a black mesh garment and coloured plastic cupsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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