Abstract Explorations by Wayne Pitchko

An abstract painting with orange tones and textured paintScorched Earth

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Wayne Pitchko! Wayne’s abstract explorations appear in a range of different styles,


Though he currently lives and works in British Columbia, many of Wayne's landscapes reference the appearance of the sky and prairies of southern Alberta. I’m particularly fond of these landscapes. Overall they are a very cohesive collection of works, with large expanses of colour and distant mountains and geometric shapes giving the impression of landscapes that go on forever. Wayne uses a lot of deeply saturated earth tones in his paintings, with reds, oranges and browns dominating many of the canvases. 


A minimalist painting of a frozen lake below a mountain rangeWinter Lake #1, oil

Wayne's works of abstraction explore a range of styles, from Pollock-esque dripped lines to monochromatic expanses that are reminiscent of the works of Mark Rothko. Wayne also writes poetry when he isn’t painting. Check out his website, www.waynepitchkoart.com for more paintings and links to his online writings. 

A screen capture of the front page of Wayne Pitchko's websiteThe front page of Wayne's website

A painting of a canola field under an expansive blue skyCanola Field, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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