Alien Technologies: Painting by Jean-Pierre Roy

A surreal painting of two mysterious buildings against a blue skyThe Burden of the Illusionist, oil on canvas


Jean-Pierre Roy is a painter originally from Santa Monica, California. The artist is a painter who works in a surreal fashion, creating near photo-realistic images of strange, far-off universes, alien technologies and human figures in unlikely scenarios.


A painting of a strange glacier under northern lightsMeet Me at the White Mountain, oil on linen

I am really impressed by the way the artist treats landscapes. His paintings are rarely small in scope, and even when they include figures they seem to be proportionally huge, massive landmarks on desolate plains or icy tundras. Roy’s paintings are not specifically dark. While many of them are painted with deliberately saturated and moody skies, many of them seem hopeful for the future.  


Roy’s works are gorgeous accompaniments to other sci-fi art on the blog, regardless of medium. Though they could easily function as covers for novels or comic books, as paintings alone these images still seem to tell wildly imaginative stories.


A painting of a man dragging a large square structure across a desert landscapeReflected in the Fane, the sky shed its colors like beliefs, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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