Atmospheric Sounds: Art by Matt Parker

Reflections on Collection, sound walk and audiovisual guide for the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (video and words by James Lewis)


Matt Parker is an audiovisual artist and composer from the U.K. Parker’s works frequently focus on background sounds and noises that are made by working machines. His interest is in the sorts of atmospheric sounds that can’t be heard unless the listener is searching specifically for them.


DC3-Turbulence in the Chamber, audio captured inside a cloud computing data centre 


Parker recently made art headlines with his project the Imitation Archive, an album which compiled sound effects made from old computers at the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park, U.K. The artist frequently incorporates scientific and mathematical concepts into his work, though in a less direct way than artists such as Ryoji Ikeda. Parker prefers to extrapolate sounds from objects and systems that are often a part of daily life.


He is currently working on a project that explores the atmospheric sounds created by data centres associated with cloud computing. The artist is part of the band Capac. Their album, Sea Freeze, was released on May 4th 2015.


Jagodna, video footage with original audio composition

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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