Bright Colours and Gestural Marks: Art by Archan Nair

A digital painting of a man with colours and ribbons emerging from his handsAlchemy Resonance, digital

Archan Nair’s illustrations and digital art rely on bright colours and gestural marks. Since he began painting in 2006, the artist has collaborated with numerous private individuals and companies for advertising elements and visual projects.


I find it fascinating the way that Nair incorporates different images and textures into his artworks. Each image is a mixture of various media and a single work by the artist might be partially digital and partially handmade. He is also able to switch between two-dimensional and three-dimensional renderings with apparent ease.


A mixed media painting of a young girl holding a birdFar Away, mixed media

The incorporation of both digital and traditional elements lends an almost collaged feel to Nair’s works. The motif of twisting, textured ribbons is seen throughout his portfolio. Like some of our own artists who blend texture and pattern with prismatic painting, the result is a bright, vibrant and energetic image. 


An image of a woman with ribbons and colours flowing through herArtwork for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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