Nature and the Man-Made: Art by Belinda Harrow

A painting of a flock of birds circling several security camerasCyan Flap, acrylic on birch

Our featured artist today is Belinda Harrow! Belinda works in a variety of media, exploring the complex relationships between nature and the man-made. Her sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works explore the subject of nature as adversarial or utilitarian through an exciting and welcoming lens.


A plush sculpture made to look like a beaver with a Bingo card printed on itBingo I, beaver fur, cotton, graphite and batting

A screen capture of the front page of Belinda Harrow's websiteThe front page of Belinda's website

Belinda’s works often depict animals interacting with objects and devices such as security cameras and telephone wires. Drawing attention to intersect of these two worlds, the artist sometimes incorporates fine details that speak conceptual volumes. For instance, in her 2014 series Glancing Blows, a close inspection of some paintings reveals that the lines of her animals occasionally intersect and blend into the lines of her objects.


I really love the way Belinda manages to introduce both critical and positive attention to the interactions between humans, animals and nature, and the fragility of that coexistence. Her most recent exhibition, The Relationship Lottery, applies all-too-human relationship and dating challenges to animal pairs. 


A painting of a mating pair of peacocks expressing human online dating clichesattractive and successful, looking for the same/ have a huge heart, acrylic on birch

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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