Unearthed Ruins: Art and Design by Shoko César

A small, unfired clay sculpture of a nude male figureUntitled, live clay model

Shoko César is our featured artist today! Shoko is a sculptor and designer. The artist’s sculptural works are often crudely rendered in clay, lending them the appearance of unearthed ruins of an ancient city, or simply very weathered outdoor statues. They tend to depict human figures and are proportionally accurate while focusing more on the gesture and essence of the figure than on fine formal detail.  


An unfired clay sculpture of a nude woman from the hips upUntitled, live clay model

The artist’s current design work borrows the form of hoodoos, tall stone spires that tend to form in dry ocean basins or badlands. Shoko utilizes these smooth spire shapes to form practical objects such as coat hooks, and a beautifully stylized lamp – a collaboration between Shoko and one of our other designers, John Greg Ball.


A screen capture of the front page of Shoko Cesar's websitewww.shoko.ca

The lamp breaks the hoodoo shape into numerous thin layers, placing them together to create a slightly less smooth, vaguely digitized version of the natural shape. 


A yellow lamp modeled after the shape  of a hoodooHooDoo Lamp

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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