Charming Minimalist Compositions by Jason Murphy

A UV print image of an abstract black form on a white backgroundGE-05-render-surrealists-07, UV direct on 3mm Sintra

Today’s featured artist is Jason Murphy. His two-dimensional, oddly charming minimalist compositions create a quiet, meditative viewing experience.


The artist’s latest project, Gravity Engine, looks specifically at the concept of social media and the overwhelming volume of content therein, attempting to “capture and reconcile the weight of meaning” of individual posts. The abstracted shapes take on a monumental, monolithic appearance, enhanced by the stark contrast of the black-on-white design.


A screen capture of A Given Part series on David Murphy's websiteDavid's A Given Part series on his website

A digital rendering of an abstract red shape on a light blue backgroundGiven - Guidance, digital vector image file

I really love Jason’s previous series, A Given Part, in which the artist uses short poems and translates them into bulbous, two-dimensional shapes. The shapes have a vaguely mechanical feeling to them, are effect an almost subconscious relationship to the text written below. Negative space is an important aspect of Jason’s work, especially in this series, where the blue-gray background of each work contrasts deliberately with the dark red of the shapes.  


A digital rendering of an abstract red shape on a light blue backgroundGiven - Vestige, digital vector image file

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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