Innovative Watercolour Techniques by Deborah Carman

A watercolour painting of a young woman wading in the oceanOcean Spray, watercolour on paper

Today we’re featuring the art portfolio of Deborah Carman. Deborah currently lives and works in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where her artistic practice focuses on innovative watercolour techniques. The artist sometimes works by pouring watercolour directly onto her surface, rather than applying it with a brush.


A loose watercolour painting of a woman reclining in a white dressIn Repose, watercolour

A screen capture of the front page of Deborah Carman's


Deborah’s watercolours express a high degree of skill, particularly with a medium that is so commonly fussy. She frequently paints human subjects, and her images of fair, young women on white backgrounds have a very classical, romantic feel to them. Technically, the artist avoids over-manipulating the medium. Instead she celebrates the drippy, pooling nature of thin watercolour paints, using the unique look and texture to her advantage.


Check out some of Deborah’s tips on how to succeed with the pouring watercolour technique – and our own advice for stretching watercolour paper. Prints and original works of Deborah’s are available for sale through her website, or on her Etsy shop. 


A watercolour painting of a tea pot  and some fruitsTea and Peaches, watercolour on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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