Quirky Spiritual Essence: Paintings by Jeffrey Newman

A painting composed of a wall of red text with paint splashed across itSamurai Joker, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Jeffrey Newman. Combining frantic text and splashes of colour, Jeffrey creates paintings that have a quirky spiritual essence to them.


When we last featured Jeffrey, we looked at the chaotic colour of his artworks. He tends to use an almost Jackson Pollock-esque method of splashing paint across a canvas, although these blobs of colour tend to be a bit sparser, sharing space with text and negative space. In some of the artist’s most recent works, he’s begun experimenting with dense walls of text. These text walls serve the function of drawing the viewer in to the inner workings of the artist’s mind – then when the painting is viewed from afar, it seems like an entirely new image.


A painting with a blue background, white text and a figurative silhouetteElectric Blue, acrylic on canvas

A gallery of paintings on Jeffrey Newman's art websiteThe Silhouettes gallery on Jeffrey's website

I also really enjoy some of the new paintings in Jeffrey’s Cities series, where he creates the silhouettes of monolithic skyscrapers using black brushstrokes that seem to drag upwards, looking more like mirages of cities than the real thing. 


A painting of a black city skylineCommissioned Piece, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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