Realistic Tattoo Portraits by Erin Burge

A mixed media painting of a blue magnolia flowerBlue Magnolia, acrylic and graphite on wood panel

Today’s featured artist is Erin Burge! Erin specializes in realistic tattoo portraits, working both in colour and in black and white. Erin recently set up a new studio space in Kelowna, BC, where she creates tattoos of variety of subjects including realistic animal portraits.


A screen capture of the front page of Erin Burge's

A photo of a half sleeve tattoo of a koi fish and lotus flowersKoi and Lotus Tattoo

Erin began tattooing in 2007 at Gas Pedals Tattoo in Kelowna. In her artistic practice, Erin paints with a dreamy realism, combining vibrant colours and splashes of paint with detailed portraits and drawings of other subject matter. She tends to work in mixed media, showcasing the difference between mediums. In a few of her most recent works the artist creates smooth, almost photo-realistic paintings of objects, then coats backgrounds in a thin, drippy medium that occasionally splatters across the more refined images.


On her website, Erin also has a small gallery of realistic black and white portraits of both people and dogs. 


A realistic black and white portrait of a woman wearing a headwrapUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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