Nature and Design: Jewelry by Britta Boekmann

A jewelry pendant from handmade resin and Australian woodHandmade chunky pendant, Australian gall and green resin

Britta Boekmann is an industrial and jewelry designer from Australia. Her most recent designs combine smooth pieces of coloured resin with found wood, creating pendants that showcase the intersection of nature and design.


I love Boekmann’s pendant designs – the artist does a wonderful job of preserving the slight imperfections and knots in the wood, while refining it down enough to make each piece clean and smooth with slightly rounded edges. The contrast between the translucent resin and the earthy wood highlights the beauty of each individual material.


A handmade pendant made from wood and resin with gold flakesPendant, Osage orange wood, transparent resin, gold leaf flakes

Boekmann’s design practice showcases her work with a variety of different materials and forms. She’s created innovative designs for everything from portable radios to doghouses to food packaging. Check out Boekmann’s work, and the work of the industrial designers creating form and function on our website!


A chunky ring handmade from resin and Australian woodRing, Australian wood and green resin



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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