Headlines: Art, Politics and a Disobedient Camera


1) San Francisco Artists Protest Gentrification

A photo of several artists protesting the Google bus in April 2014


Last week we saw that an arts group in Berlin are protesting for more affordable studio space in the city. It would seem the lack of affordable space for artists is becoming a worldwode trend. This week, artists living in San Francisco, CA protest the gentrification of the city that's pushing out the artists and performers that it has previously been so well known for. 


2) Bernie Sanders for "Arts President"


A screen shot of Bernie Sanders giving a speech


On that note, though, American presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has announced publicly that if elected he will be an "arts president," and use the presidential platform as a space to support and fund the arts. Sanders has already picked up a number of high profile supporters including artist Shepard Fairey, comedians Will Ferrel and Marget Cho and musician and political activist Jello Biarfra.


3) Camera Restrica Makes It Harder for you to Take Photos


A screen capture of the video for Camera Restricta


Do you find yourself spending more time taking photos than actually looking at the interesting places you visit? Designer Phillip Schmitt has created a camera just for you. Described as a "disobedient tool," Camera Restriicta actually makes it more difficult for users to take photographs. The camera uses GPS tracking to restrict the number of photos the user can take in a particular place, as well as to detect photos that have been geotagged online for the same location. In other words, you won't be able to take the same photos that already saturate the internet. The camera forces the user to resort to more unique viewpoints or subjects. 


4) Doris Salcedo Wins First Nasher Prize for Sculpture

A photo of Columbian sculptor Doris Salcedo


Sculptor Doris Salcedo is the first ever winner of the Nasher Prize, awareded by the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, TX. The sculptor will receive a $100,000 prize as well as an award designed by Renzo Piano. Salcedo hails from Columbia and creates political and personal sculptures using furniture, clothing and other common items, often addressing the architecture of the gallery space. 


5) Black Cube Nomadic Gallery Launches First Pop-Up

A screen capture of the website of the Black Cube non-profit museum


Rounding out the week, a new non-profit "nomadic" art museum has just launched with its inaugural exhibition in Denver, CO. Black Cube will be operating without a permanent exhibition space, creating site-specific pop-up art shows with the goal of making contemporary art more accessible to the general public. No word on whether the name is a play off of the U.K. gallery White Cube, the UK gallery well known for being one of the pillars of the western high-end art market.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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