Interactive Global Art: The Priority Boxes Art Project

A photo of a woman in Brooklyn holding a peace boxBrooklyn, NY - 2009

Today's artist feature showcases the priority boxes art project, a 10-year-long, interactive global art project based in New York. The project featured hand-painted boxes filled with apparently intangible commodities like love, peace and hope, that were sent to recipients around the world.


A photo of a woman in Taipei, Taiwan holding a peace boxTaipei, Taiwan

Each box made as part of the priority boxes art project was created and painted by artist Frank De Las Mercedes. We’ve previously featured Franck’s artworks – his style is bright, energetic and colourful, with subject matter that is often personal and emotional, sometimes reminiscent of religious iconography. The artist’s artistic style and motives fit perfectly into the peace boxes project.


The Priority Boxes Art Project Story 


While the official project has come to an end after its decade-long run, if you would like to own a peace box it is still possible to order a special-edition peace box through Franck’s online shop. The boxes ship to anywhere in the world, allowing you to own a unique piece of art history. 


A screen capture of the priority boxes art project

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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