Celebrations of Snowy Landscapes: Art by Kat Jeffrey

A manipulated photo of a cold lake surrounded by snowy mountainsUntitled, photograph

Our featured artist today is Kat Jeffrey. Kat is a Canadian artist and costume designer, currently completing her MFA at the Tisch School of the Arts. When not designing looks for stage and film, she’s creating celebrations of snowy landscapes.


Kat’s works seem attuned to a particular type of natural landscape, with dense evergreen forests and snowy mountaintops playing prominent roles in many of her photos and illustrations. I adore Kat’s photography, where the aesthetic of photos taken with a disposable film camera on vacation are manipulated with out-of-place moments of highly saturated colour and strange divisions of shape and line - adding a certain magic and mystery to these nostalgic photos.


A photo of two dancers dressed in costumes designed by Kat JeffreyUntitled, costume design

A screen capture of the photography gallery on Kat Jeffrey's websiteKat's website photography gallery 


These newer works of photography and illustrations are lovely to see as an evolution of Kat’s overall practice. The last time we featured her, she was focusing most of her portfolio on costume design.  The added examples in different media serve to show her thought process and overall tone. 


A  pen and ink illustration of a mountainous landscapeUntitled, illustration

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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