Atmospheric Paintings: Art by Ian Fisher

A painting of a cloud featuring tones of blue and creamAtmosphere No. 63 (Laurel), oil on canvas

Our featured artist today, Ian Fisher, specializes in atmospheric paintings of cloudy skies. Ian was born in Nova Scotia and is now based in Denver, Colorado.


A painting of clouds with bright pink lightingAtmosphere No 64 (Convertible), oil on canvas

I love the way Ian combines a minimalist aesthetic with photo-realistic painting. His cloud paintings are stunning close-ups of various skies, and they all seem to portray distinctly different weather patterns and times of day despite giving us almost no information aside from colour and cloud formations. Each painting is imbued with a very particular mood. The last time we featured Ian’s paintings of cloudscapes, I talked about his decision to leave out any indication of the horizon, a choice that continues to add an enveloping feel to the works.


A screen capture of Ian Fisher's online painting galleryPaintings in Ian's online portfolio


Ian also creates drawings of human figures. His drawings are slightly less adherent to a photorealist style, instead capturing the look and feeling of aged family photographs, leaving some details slightly blurred while opting instead to capture a look or personality. 


A detailed black and white charcoal drawing of a middle-aged manDonovan Landreth #8, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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