Land and Seascapes by Brian Buckrell

An impressionist style painting of a rocky, forested landscapeFrom the Escarpment, acrylic

Today’s featured artist is a former professor at the University of Guelph, and now a full-time acrylic and oil painter located in Comox, BC. Brian Buckrell paints en plein air and in the studio, creating land and seascapes as well as classical portraiture.


An impressionist style painting of a stream flowing through a forestAutumn Stream
A gallery of landscape paintings on Brian Buckrell's websiteBrian's portfolio of recent paintings


Brian’s work tends to be slightly impressionistic, a trait that seems to be evolving into his practice as time goes on. Compared to the last time we featured Brian’s plein air sketches, the artist''s works have grown a little more colourful and abstracted. He uses large brush strokes and a variety of colours to represent natural forests and river landscapes, mostly local to Vancouver Island on the coast of British Columbia.


Some of Brian’s most recent figure and portrait works are of children skiing, which I really like as an interesting artistic exercise. The way he renders snow in front  of the figures is skillful – the figures are slightly softened by snow but never obscured. 


A painting of three children in ski gear in the snowHey, are we near the top yet, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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